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            We Are Changing The Image Of The Car Salesman 

                Introducing The New Fun Car Salesman 

                          Putting You First with a Focus on F.U.N.

Fast- The typical car-buying process will cost you four to five hours. We won’t settle for that, and neither should you. Life is short, and we believe you should spend less time shopping for a new ride and more time enjoying it on the open road. So we guarantee you’ll leave the dealership with a smile on your face in under two hours.  

Understanding-  Have you ever had a conversation that left you feeling frustrated? Has anyone — your spouse, perhaps, or your boss — made you feel that your needs weren’t understood, let alone fulfilled? Well, that same frustration happens during the typical car-buying experience. You inevitably feel that the salesman isn’t really helping you select the right vehicle for YOU; he or she is merely pushing you toward the vehicle that will make them the most money.We’re different. Our goal is to help you find the vehicle that’s perfect for your lifestyle and budget.

Not pushy-  Typical car sales tactics do not apply here. We promise to treat you like a member of our own family. You won’t feel swindled or pressured if you choose to buy a car with us; instead, you’ll find yourself enjoying premium customer service that’s worthy of a king or queen. We’re a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of profit-hungry dealers; we take “no” for an answer, but we also pride ourselves on matching each customer with a vehicle that perfectly accommodates his or her wallet and tastes.                

                             Fun-Themed Car Buying: The Ride

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Have fun buying your new vehicle and save the world at the same time. With the worlds first and only themed car buying ride that enhances the dealership experience while purchasing your new vehicle.


                                                                        About the ride:

Young-business-woman tabletUpon entering the dealership, you will receive a private screening of a “pre-show” video experience that transports you into a fun, action-packed fantasy. You will join Dr.Yants and  become a FUN Recruit whose mission is to defeat the evil forces of the BAD (Bossy, Aggressive, Disrespectful) Car Salesman. After the show, you will receive your weapon — the powerful Z.2 tablet device with innovative proprietary software, which will help you select the perfect vehicle based on your lifestyle, and budget .

The software also has an even more impressive superpower: reducing those time-consuming towers of paperwork! Requiring you to only sign one time — eliminating a process that can take hours–you will also experience a test drive that’s truly from the future. With innovative technology and other unique twists, were confident that it will be “the best test drive you ever experienced.”

Of course, some elements of FUN-Themed Car Buying have to be experienced firsthand, and you can expect to be treated to some unique and exciting surprises along the way.Purchase your next vehicle the fun way today and have a truly unique experience you will always remember.

About The Founder 

stephfan-1I like candle light dinners and nice long walks on the beach. What I am looking for in that special someone is… oh, wait…. I always get these things mixed up. Sorry, wrong website profile . Let’s start again, shall we? My name is Stephfan Nurse, and I’m the founder and former CEO of a software company that helped to educate and develop technology that would empower consumers, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Recently, I’ve been searching for a new challenge — as most entrepreneurs do — and decided to tackle the auto industry. It wasn’t an easy decision; I struggled with the choice to become a “car salesman”, especially in light of my own experiences with that particular role. But I quickly realized there were problems in this industry I could solve. As a result, I decided to start this company with the mission of revolutionizing the car buying experience. 

My Hobbies: Reading, Volunteering, Basketball 

Our Current Dealership: Crown Hyundai   

Dealer Location: 5301 34th St. N. St.Petersburg FL 33714

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